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Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon is one such game, combining old-school visuals with a rather silly sense of humor and a harsh level of difficulty right out of the early 1990s. Xotic, the first-person shooter from indie developer WXP Games, is decidedly weird in every way, from its story and weapons to its surreal visuals. Sheer strangeness only gets you so far, though, as the odd elements of this $10 indie game come at the cost of approachability. Xotic's psychedelic aspects may lure you in but they can also push you away; the game's efforts to be unique often come at the cost of playability. This is one of those games you admire for its boldness but don't totally enjoy playing. There are three modes available. Quick Play lets you play either alone or with someone else. The more you play of a particular activity, the more courses and boosts for the game's cast of characters become available. Each sport has only two or three courses available, so it won't take long to unlock them all. If you are connected to Xbox Live, race challenges pop up periodically. In some cases, you need to reach a checkpoint in a certain amount of time or collect enough coins before reaching a checkpoint. The story revolves around a group of eight students and one teacher. One of the girls in the group is transferring to another high school, so they all decide to perform a ritual to keep their friendship intact, even if they can't be close to one another. Unfortunately, thirty years prior, the school was the site of a horrific kidnapping and the murder of innocent elementary school children. After the events, the school was torn down, and the new high school was built in its place. But the horrors remain. The main mode featured in Deca Sports Extreme is Championship mode. Here, you create a team and face off against 29 other teams as you attempt to go from being ranked 30 to being number one. Each battle is the same, and there are three events. Your opposition selects one event, you select the second, and a third sport is randomly selected and acts as the tiebreaker. The team that wins two of the three events is proclaimed the winner, and if your team wins, you're one step closer to reaching elite status. Mario Party 9 contains a single-player story mode, in which the nefarious Bowser and the equally nefarious Bowser Jr. have stolen the world's ministars. This serves as

This spaceship simulation may look like something from the golden age of 16-bit gaming, but it offers a good deal of fun and depth. Unlike space sims that make you feel like you've had your head jammed in a Jefferies tube during an ion storm (if we can mix sci-fi franchises for a moment), this lighter entry in the genre combines an endearing retro feel and an even more endearing $10 price tag with gripping gameplay packed with tough choices and frenetic combat. Tekken may host the King of Iron Fist Tournament, but finding victory requires more than a heavy hand. Knowledge of your opponent's arsenal, precise execution, and quick reflexes get you further than simply knowing the strongest attacks. Like its predecessor, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 takes the 3D combat mechanics of the Tekken series and doubles the number of combatants, allowing for more complex and dynamic matches. The combat is supported by a robust selection of modes that makes this fighter a treat for future heirs of the Mishima Zaibatsu. The first surprise attack comes so suddenly that you barely have a chance to react before the teeth sink into your neck, but after that you can cruise through the moments of zombie mayhem, most notably a screwdriver/axe beatdown in a motel courtyard. What's more shocking are the times when you're forced to make the call between saving one friend in peril and giving one up to the hungry dead. These moments are unsettling and very true to the horrific nature of the comics, where beloved, long-running characters can be torn apart without notice. In fairness, the remastered version of Zone of the Enders (the original game) does pick up the pace a bit, though that doesn't change the fact that the game can be completed in under five hours--five hours filled with repetitive environments, hammy dialogue, and embarrassing acting to boot. Anyone familiar with the series won't find anything new here that warrants slogging through the game yet again. At least the remaster of the original serves as an extended introduction to the world of the Enders and the Orbital Frames that rule the skies. One of Horizon's great strengths is that, even outside of organized events, the sense of competition is all around you. At any point you can pull up behind other festival drivers (distinguishable from regular traffic by the name above their car) and challenge them to a race on the spot. Speed trap cameras are placed on just about every road, capturing your high speed as you pass through them, registering your pace on a leaderboard and, if you're good enough, sending a message straight to your Xbox Predicando Con Frescura PDF friends that they've been outperformed. Like the aforementioned minigames, the arcade games boast plenty of variety. Retro Vector brilliantly combines elements of classics like Asteroids and Lunar Lander. StratoSphere is a colorful puzzle game in which you touch shapes to determine whether or not they alter the course of a ball, and Tapling is a stylish touch-to-jump game that's somewhat reminiscent of LocoRoco. About the only thing that these and the other two arcade games all have in common, other than being great time-wasters, is that they employ the all-new "memorizer" device. This plucky vessel is on the run from Rebel forces in possession of a secret that must be brought to the good guys within the galaxy-ruling Federation. What is this dire secret? It never comes up. Plot isn't a strong point here. But it doesn't matter, because all you need to know is that you've got a Rebel fleet gunning for you and a bunch of unexplored star systems spread throughout a string of sectors to check out if you're going to come up with the fuel, weapons, and gear to make it all the way to the Feds on the other side of the galaxy. Yet some of the lessons could easily have been condensed, and a number of the missions don't teach you anything new--they just have you defeating a capable rival using skills mastered in lessons up to that point, and you have to win before you can contin

What really sets MPCStar apart, however, is what goes on behind the scenes. The program comes with multiple codecs that allow you to play videos in plenty of different formats, including various MPEG, Windows Media, Real, QuickTime, mobile, Flash, and DVD formats. Most of the videos that we tried with MPCStar played fine, although we did encounter some display problems with an FLV file that played fine in other applications. Thus, we can't guarantee that MPCStar will perform as expected, but it's a promising program that's worth checking out if you tend to have videos in a lot of different formats and you need one no-hassle way to play them all. The program's interface is plain, with a viewing area in which you can see your most recent screen capture and a few menus across the top that give you access to the program's settings. Predicando Con Frescura PDF uses hot keys to let you capture the entire screen, the active window, or a specific area of the screen that you can select with the mouse. Once the image is loaded in SnapShot, you can copy it to the clipboard, send it to Paint or an image editor, e-mail the image, or upload it using FTP. There are plenty of ways to customize SnapShot's behavior: you can specify the default image editor, have the program hide its taskbar button, and automatically save captured images to a specific directory. You can also select JPEG quality and select from seven different file types for saving or sending images. The program doesn't have a Help file per se, but it does come with a ReadMe file that that contains basic notes about its usage. Overall, we found Predicando Con Frescura PDF to be easy to work with and we were quite happy with its performance. Anyone seeking a simple screen-capture utility should give it a try. Seating Chart Maker has an intuitive, wizard-style interface that walks users through each step of the process. First, enter your list of students. Next, select any combination of two or more students who can't be seated next to each other; you can create as many of these combinations as you need. Identify any students who need to be seated in the front row, and then create the layout of desks in your classroom. The program can a

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